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I started here aged 7 and since then I have improved a lot. I couldn't ask for more. The staff are friendly and the horses are all well trained. I wouldn't want to ride anywhere else.
Date of Posting: 06 August 2015
Posted By: Hannah Jeffrey
brook house farm has been a lovely riding school for my daughter Katie . she has thoroughly enjoyed riding all ponies even though she falls off. thank you everyone
Date of Posting: 22 July 2015
Posted By: kelly silvester
I decided to treat myself to a hack for my birthday. I haven't ridden in 20 yrs and although I knew in my head I could do it was not sure whether my 64 yr old body was upto it!! I was given Magic to ride and what a gentleman he was, I rode round the indoor school a few times and then off we went into the beautiful countryside and what a beautiful day it was - sunny, warm but not too hot. We walked, trotted and cantered and I managed it all. It all went so well and I enjoyed it thoroughly. However, after 2 hrs in the saddle I couldn't get off!! Despite hanging onto poor Magic's neck there was still a gap between the bottom of my feet and the ground so I had to let go - and promptly fell over backwards - how embarrassing!! Nevertheless, despite this I fully intend to book another ride in August - fabulous place; wonderful horses; beautiful countryside; pleasant company - what was there not to like - Thank you so much for making my birthday wish come true - I'll be back
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014
Posted By: Jane Fox
Best riding school I have ever been to. They have helped me to be the rider I am today and aren't strict or pushy. I've gained a lot of confidence there and have competed in my first show as well. I couldn't ask for a better riding school!
Date of Posting: 05 May 2014
Posted By: Emmie green

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